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Oceanus Tranquil -investment in bangalore

I was doing a bit of research in Bangalore real estate .Read over couple of papers making me to decide the investment to be in the north eastern part of Bangalore . Karnataka has made two spots in the top ten real estate investment hubs for the year 2013 entire India ,K R Puram and Hebbal .I found the place Horamavu as one of the top return places in Bangalore . I expect the return to be around 90 percent for the next three years.
My first plan was for a plot .I was about to book a plot in Nethtavathi layout in Horamavu .I reached that place through one real estate agent(don’t want to mention his company) .Just before doing the registration came to know that first portion of the Layout is under litigation . litigation site was offer to around 1000 pr sq feet ,but the actual prize of the layout was around 1600 per sq feet which made me to rethink. I started doing an offline enquiry to find the litigation .A 60 ft road getting connected in front of the Netravarhi layout which make it to be sure diamond for investment (if you get a non litigation property)

Trouble due to the litigation property made me to change the decision from buying a plot to buying an Apartment in this area ,which may not give that kind of return, but will get easy bank loans and even the bank loans grow along with our investments making the margin to almost same.
I found the Oseanus tranquil 50 mts ahead of the above mentioned layout ,and it comes with all amenities , swimming pool ,tennis court . 60 ft road makes it to be a sure bet for the next 3 years .as the brand Oseanus is trusty it makes a good decision for me.
Jan the prize of tranquil was 2900 per sq ft . I got it for 3400 in the month of may. I could booked it couple of months back missed the bus!!

Main advantage I see for the tranquil is the connectivity, can be reached to 3 main IT parks embassy golf link business park ,Manyata tech park and ITPL, within the range of 10 km.

If anyone interested in investing in Oseanus tranquil please put a message to ebinvarghese at g mail dot com. I can guide you better.