Australia vs India world cup semifinals -observations


I used to watch cricket even during 80′s when Srikanth and Gavaskar used to open the innings.The West Indies matches used to happen during a different time zone and ,used to get up early 4 am to the match with a glass of coffee ,with my father when I was 4 years old.

I didn’t  watch a single match during the 2015 Australia -New Zealand hosted world cup. I am putting this observations to bring light to the world that cricket is not an important game in Australia.(might be after soccer ,horse riding ,)

google data mining algorithm will show the most searched similar key word .

First I am running a real time analysis in Australian google

Search results from Australia





Search results from India




This real time scenario I run 24 hours after the match and this has updated perfectly the results.

So if we closely observe the Australian results .. we will find Australia vs Germany in the second result which was  a friendly football match happened between them on the same day .So the cricket world cup semi final was of lesser significance than the friendly football match .

But if we see the result from India ,one can find the all the searches were behind this game.

I don’t think winning this world cup even a big deal for them.

PS: Sachin has predicted the semi finalist and McGrath has predicted the finalist.














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